Ron Regev with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra - Click to enlarge

"He made a fine appearance at the keyboard and played with impressive certitude, flying freely through the arpeggios and digging robustly into the melodies.  Several times his playing coalesced so elegantly with the sound of the orchestra that they were as one.
"Ravinia must be applauded for having so strong a bench. To be able to snatch two such able pinch hitters from the Steans Institute on a moment's notice is impressive."
"...we heard two high-quality performances of two beautiful concertos. These fine pianists deserve a chance to return and play a concerto that they have had time to prepare properly. There's no doubt they can do the job."
(Dorothy Andries, Chicago Sun-Times, IL, July 25, 2006 - on a performance with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

"...their music-making, which is almost always superb, and occasionally no less than stellar.  The two live and unedited performances above belong to the latter category... ...I was even more impressed by Ron Regev's handling of the piano part.  His playing combines a warm, golden tone with tremendous authority of phrasing and unimpeachable technical security - the effect of which I find irresistible.  (I have several other chamber music recordings with Regev in which his playing is just as impressive.)"
(Boom's Dungeon Blog, May 10, 2011)

"The exceptional Ron Regev carefully maintains non-agressive pianism and great clarity. The great mystery of the first and third movements is expressed fully, the Sicilienne is light and delightful, and even the 'constant forte' feeling of the last movement is replaced by logical build-up to a climax. All this gives the necessary breath to the quartet and to the solo violin. I can finally say, at least for the Chausson: the Haydn Quartet, with the added soloists, presented a unified, even amazing sound."
(Tav-Et Online Music Journal, May 8, 2012)

" excellent pianist... incisive, caring pianism..."
(The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY)

"...exquisitely shaped phrases... electric playing... exuberant reading... colorful... a player's dream..."
(The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, WI)

"...rare pianistic performance..."
(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

"...broad foundation, considerable knowledge and technique.  Complete mastery..."
(Münchenen Merkur)

"All the secrets of the piano and of chamber music are known to him, as he is as attentive to his peers as he is to the composer... Those who were absent missed a great experience."
(Ma'ariv, Israel)

Recital in Kibbutz Mishmar-Ha'emek

"...attentive, sensitive... clarity and a finely developed aesthetic sense."
"Ron Regev performed Mozart's C minor Piano Concerto in a well-polished, sensitive and smooth rendition... The slow movement was played with captivating lyricism."
(The Jerusalem Post)

"...his mastery enables him to show true artistry."
(Ha'aretz, Israel)